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1. The department is one of the biggest in the school. Subjects offered in the department are biology, chemistry, integrated science and physical science. We have six laboratories in the department comprising of three for seniors and three for the juniors. The labs are equipped with basic equipment which enables the teaching of simple practical lessons. We have a full complement of teachers which are also assisted with four student teachers. There are no lab technicians but we are assisted by two lab hands. There is one student lab technician who is on attachment. 

2. Achievements- the department always attain very well pass rates at A-level and is always the highest in the District. O level results has improved drastically, it is always above the national pas rate and is always the highest in the district. This can be attributed to a full compliments of teachers and an improved quality of practical lessons. 

3. Challenges- Book to pupil ratio is still very high at A-level. The number of students enrolled at A level has increased of late. This translates to a challenges of number of textbooks and equipment are concerned. Science classes like form 3 and form 4’s do not have enough textbooks since they were not covered in the national book allocation carried out in 2012. A need for textbooks is very critical. On the other hand the department does not have a qualified lab technician and this makes it difficult to carry out experiments. The laptops and projectors in the department are not adequate the teachers always have to scramble for the available resources. 

 Recommendations : 

- More laptops and projectors should be purchased

- A printer and a copier for the department should be bought

- Need for a refrigerator to store perishables

- Junior labs should be connected to gas

- All labs should have Wi-Fi coverage to promote research on internet

- A viable science club should be formulated

- An appropriate learning program should be acquired