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School Choir

Choir Master : MR Tarinda
Assistant: MRS A Nyahodza

- The choir comprises of students from form 1 up to Upper 6
- Recruiting is done after passing auditions done at the beginning of every academic year
- The choir has 4 parts of 15 students i.e. Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass


1. In 2013 the choir came out number 5 at provincial level i.e. Nash choral music competitions
2. In 2014 the choir came out 4 at Nash
3. In 2014 the choir came out 2at national level i.e. Zimrights competitions
4. In 2015 the choir came out 1st at district level Nash choral competitions
5. In 2015 the choir came out 1st at provincial level Nash choral competitions
6. In 2016 the choir came out 6 at national level Nasha choral competitions

Way forward
In 2016 the choir would like to record their first album and be number 1 at the national levl Nash choral competitions.