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History/ Divinity

History/Divinity department
1. Mr sharara Vinegar
2. Mr Tarumba Moses Masiyiwa
3. Mr Moyo Abiot
4. Mr Zhou Tapedza
5. Mrs Mabika Winnie
6. Mrs Manwere Nyaradzo
7. Mrs Chigonda Hazvina Sandra
8. Mrs Kundhande Prudence


High passes produced in the department for the past five years O level history is dominating at Highfield high one as well as in the district. O level history is producing the highest number of A’s at Highfield High one and in High Glen District. For example in 2013 104 A’s were produced in 2014 84 A”s were produced and in 2015 93 A’’s wee produced.
Good passes are always being produced in religious studies, divinity and at advanced level History. E.g. in 2010 and 2013 Advanced level history recorded 12A’s. Religious studies recorded 58A’s in 2015.
Shortfalls and Vision
- The department requires a projector and a printer to promote e-learning.
- Current textbooks should be acquired all the time
- The department office could be enlarged into a big room where all the members of the staff can be accommodated
- The department has a vision of producing more quality results and to record 100% pas rate at both A and O level
- More workshops on how to answer o and a level examinations should be held
- Experts or markers should be invited when these workshops would being held.