Motto: Speak and write to be heard and understood. Listen and read to hear and understand.


The aims of the English Department are:
  • to provide the opportunity for both pupils and teachers to obtain linguistic abilities and communicative competence in English Language
  • to enable pupils and teachers to gain sufficient understanding and appreciation of literary works/literature in English
  • to equip students with the English Language and Communication Skills essential for academic work across the curriculum
  • to help students and teachers develop communication skills that are functionally useful in socio-political and economic situations
  • to develop abilities and skills that are useful in everyday life and broaden both pupils’ and teachers’ perception of the world through exposure to variety of texts and experiences


By the end of the courses offered by the English Department, students should be able to:
  • communicate effectively in both spoken and written English in different situations and register
  • demonstrate an interest in and an appreciation of Literature in English that will focus on the artistic and aesthetic qualities of prose, poetry and drama

~ HoD R. Chipfiko ~ 


Chipfiko R ~ (Male) Head of Department English, Literature, Sociology, Communication Skills. Guidance & Counselling

Charangwa B K ~ (Male) Senior Teacher English, Literature, Communication Skills

Magidi R ~ (Female) Senior Teacher English, Literature, Divinity, Communication Skills

Mamombe N R ~ (Female) Senior Teacher English, 

Mandeya M J ~ (Female) Senior Teacher English,

Maningi E ~ (Male) Senior Teacher English, Literature, Communication Skills

Musekiwa B ~ (Female) Student Teacher English, Shona, Communication Skills

Sithole U ~ (Female) Senior Teacher English, Literature, Communication Skills

Moyo A  ~ (Male) Senior Teacher English, Literature, History, Communication Skills


Subjects & Subject Level

English Language Junior Level (Forms 1 to 2)

English Language Ordinary Level (Forms 3 to 4)

English Language & Communication Skills Advanced Level (Forms 5 to 6)

Literature in English Ordinary Level (Forms 3 to 4)

Literature in English Advanced Level (Forms 5 to 6)


Writing Minutes of Staff Meetings Writing Recommendation Letters for Students/Former Students,

Writing Speeches for Invited Guests Writing testimonial Letters for Students/Former Students,

Compiling Reports for School & District Interviewing Prefects for Leadership Posts.