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Highfield High 1 was built in 1958 and opened its doors to the community in 1961. It becomes the second high density school to be built after Harare High 1, hence it’s amongst the oldest schools in the City of Harare. My research reveals there are great men and women of high class who passed through this school out there. I therefore urge both the old and young who passed through the school to interact with your school on this website
“To be a school of excellence”, is our school vision. I walk, I talk, I eat, I sleep and dream a school of excellence. I will not stop working hard until the vision of the school is achieved

About Highfield High 1

Highfield High 1 School is based in the western suburbs of the capital City of Harare, Zimbabwe.

As on of the best schools in south of Sahara, Highfield 1 High is a School of excellence and is the most award winning with best "school tone" in all educational aspects.
Having been set up many many years back, the school has been continually upgrading to meet international standards

         To be a school of excellence...



To provide a high quality school education by imparting relevant knowledge, functional skills and cherishable values.

Highfield High 1 School

Fostering education to the young generation and keeping educational standards in the Community for future sustainability...