Early Bird catches the fattest Worm....


Welcome to Highfield High 1 School

Highfield High 1 School is based in the western suburbs of the capital city of Harare, Zimbabwe. As one of the best schools in south of Sahara, Highfield 1 High is a School of excellence and is the most award winning with best "school tone" in all educational aspects.

Headmaster's Desk

“To be a school of excellence”, is our school vision. I walk, I talk, I eat, I sleep and dream a school of excellence. I won’t stop working hard until the vision of the school is achieved...

Our Values

From our Vision, Mission and other values, one can deduce professionalism and determination associated with our existence and not only is it written but its happening...

News & Events

Highfield High 1 School is having numerous events that stakehold from parents, school children, old students, SDA etc.  


Our Adminstration has competent staff who can handle all form of  admin pressure and still deliver desirable response.